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Marketing and Brand Management


Postgraduate degree

    Key facts

    MA Brand Marketing and Management
    Bath Business School
    Campus or location
    Newton Park
    Course length
    One year full-time or two years part-time.

    Entry requirements

    You'll usually have a good honours degree in any academic subject. You may be considered without a degree, if you can demonstrate relevant experience. You may be asked to attend an interview.

    Please contact our admissions team for more information: admissions@bathspa.uuude.com.

    Expand your practical, theoretical and professional experience with our Master's in Marketing and Brand Management.

    • Understand customer behaviour and needs in an increasingly challenging and competitive business climate.
    • Keep up-to-date with the ever-evolving role of data in business, and learn to make better decisions – faster.
    • Learn how to incorporate increasing expectations of social responsibility into marketing and brand management strategies.

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    中文乱码字幕无线观看Marketing and Brand Management at Bath Spa University provides you with the skills and practical experience that organisations need in an ever-changing business environment.

    It provides opportunities to develop your professional networks, and enables you to experience the aspects of marketing and brand management most relevant to your chosen career path.

    During the course, you'll combine bespoke marketing and brand management modules with a choice of more general business and management modules. You'll also get the chance to produce a substantial sector-facing body of work in marketing and brand management. 

    What you'll learn


    This course supports the professional development of practitioners who can work in or around marketing and brand management in a range of roles, drawing on a broad mix of skills and experience.

    中文乱码字幕无线观看Building on your own experience and background, you'll develop marketing and brand management knowledge and expertise at both theoretical and practical levels.

    中文乱码字幕无线观看You'll engage with the current critical debates about marketing and brand management as an academic area of study, and reflect on the present challenges for best practice in the contexts of social, political and economic change.

    Course structure

    Our MA in Marketing and Brand Management engages with four key issues:

    • Customers’ are increasingly demanding, and at the same time, they're being served by a greater number of competitors; understanding consumer behaviour and the needs of the customer is vital, but increasingly challenging.
    • Businesses have access to – and are bombarded by – a huge volume of data, but struggle to know how to effectively manage and utilise that data effectively.
    • There's a need for ever faster decision making due to a hyper-competitive climate, time pressure, and often competing and conflicting external contexts.
    • Businesses need to negotiate and manage these first three challenges within increasing expectations of social accountability.

    How will I be assessed?

    You'll be assessed by a variety of methods that may include:

    • Reports on work-based assignments
    • Research project reports
    • Portfolios
    • Reflective learning and work-experience journals
    • Reviews
    • Proposal papers for projects
    • Funding or events
    • Business plans or strategy documents
    • Project progress reports
    • Project evaluations
    • Presentations
    • Essays
    • Exams.

    How will I be taught?

    中文乱码字幕无线观看We combine academic study with practice-based teaching. You’ll learn through a variety of activities including lectures, seminars, workshops, tutorials, online activity and discussion, work-based learning and research projects.

    Staff on this course offer access to a wide range of academic and practical expertise in marketing and brand management. You’ll benefit from one-to-one tutorials, workshops, peer-support and shared learning.

    中文乱码字幕无线观看We work with you to ensure that what you learn on the course translates into effective practice in the workplace, and develops your professional potential. 


    Work experience and industry links

    The embedded work-based learning and work-based experience opportunities offered on this course are designed to ensure that you graduate with practical experience and postgraduate-level skills in marketing and brand management. Through your engagement with sector professionsals, by the time you graduate, you'll have started to develop your own professional networks.


    中文乱码字幕无线观看This course has been designed to align with the talents and skills required in the current marketing and brand management employment market.

    Careers in marketing and brand management are varied and cover all business organisations and across sectors.

    Facilities and resources

    Where the subject is taught

    The majority of module workshops, seminars and tutorials are held at our Newton Park campus.


    Our library offers a wide range of business materials. There is also a wealth of material available via electronic sources. This online material can be accessed on and off campus, enabling you to work at times that suit you.

    Ways to study Business and Management

    Arts Management

    MA Arts Management adapts to the ever changing world of culture and the arts. It will expand your theoretical understanding and professional knowledge of arts and cultural management, through hands-on experience and work-based learning.

    Business and Management

    Develop your career as a socially and ethically engaged, globally connected professional who is creative, enterprising, resilient and innovative with our MA Business and Management.

    Business and Management (Accounting)

    Within the broader contexts of general business and management, the Accounting中文乱码字幕无线观看 pathway develops your understanding of how accounting and financial management are crucial across all businesses, and in increasingly interconnected international contexts.

    Business and Management (Entrepreneurship)

    Engaging with a diverse range of organisations and considering the rapidly changing environments in which they operate, the Entrepreneurship中文乱码字幕无线观看 pathway develops your understanding of how creative enterprise is at the heart of businesses and professional management in a challenging and increasingly competitive market.

    Business and Management (International Business)

    Increasingly, an understanding of international business environments is crucial for organisational decision making and is critical to business success. The International pathway develops your understanding of the political, legal, economic and financial systems for business and management in international and multicultural contexts.

    Business and Management (Marketing)

    Effective marketing plays a central role in building brand awareness, growing businesses of any size, engaging customers and expanding impact and reach. The Marketing pathway explores why marketing is strategically important, how it relates to other management processes, and the elements that make up modern integrated marketing communications.

    Business and Management with Integrated Placement

    This extended version of our Master's in Business and Management with Integrated Placement offers you the chance to undertake an industry placement or work-based independent project to boost your networks and develop your career.


    Admissions service: +44 (0)1225 876 180
    Email: admissions@bathspa.uuude.com
    Course leader: Dr Kristin Doern
    Email: k.doern@bathspa.uuude.com

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