The Erasmus+ programme allows you to spend one semester during your second year at one of our partner universities in Europe. 

EU Referendum update from the UK's National Agency, the British Council, can be found at  (24 March 2017).

For further information, you can also view our Erasmus Charter.

International Exchange

If you’re looking to study further afield than Europe, the International Exchange programme is for you. We have more than fifteen partner universities in China, Australia, Japan, the USA and more. You can apply to spend one semester during your second year at one of these universities.

Other opportunities

  • Global Academy of Liberal Arts (GALA)
    The Global Academy of Liberal Arts (GALA) is a global network of creativity spanning national and cultural boundaries to broaden the experience of students and staff. There are 10 awards of £1,000 each to support staff and students to undertake study or research at one a GALA partners in a country within the Santander scheme under the GALA Mobility fund.
  • Certificate in Global Citizenship
    Our Certificate in Global Citizenship is an extracurricular course that runs alongside your undergraduate degree. Along with other fantastic elements, one key aspect of the certificate is that Home and EU students undertake a work or study placement abroad. To join the certificate you must apply in your first year.
  • Bath Sparks
    Got enterprenuerial spirit? Bath Sparks is a great way to get involved at the University and enter competitions - some of which have prizes of a placement abroad.
  • Summer schools
    Many of our international partners give you the opportunity to apply to study abroad during the summer.

"Don't worry about funding, don't worry about your loved ones back home, don't worry about anything. And don't let anything stop you from taking this opportunity by the horns. Just go for it!"

Cody Moir, BA (Hons) Creative Writing, Erasmus+

Contact us

Erasmus+ enquiries: erasmus@bathspa.uuude.com 
International Exchange enquiries: bsuexchange@bathspa.uuude.com
Phone: +44 (0)1225 875777

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